Mac & PC


We service and repair both Apple Mac and Windows computers.

Apple Motherboard repairs.


We troubleshoot and track down failed components in each circuit to restore your machine back to full working order. This is done professionally with industry-standard equipment.


You will find us at Elizabeth Anne.

We are open and busy.  If you are coming to drop off a sick PC or Mac, please ring the doorbell in front of Elizabeth Anne.

Or give us a ring or contact us through the contact page on our website to book an appointment.

Berkhamsted - High Street Computers

Your Local IT Department


At High Street Computers Ltd we provide a full range of personal computing and business IT services. We pride ourselves on honest impartial advice and our ability to find solutions to our customer’s IT problems. Whether you’re moving from Windows 7 to a shiny new Apple Mac or a Blue Screen of Death is driving you mad, High Street Computers can help. We enjoy what we do and are as concerned with the success of your business as we are with ours.





We offer a wide variety of repairs including virus and malware removals, software bugs, boot issues, hardware replacement and testing, email client configuration.


We have access to big supplier of laptops at competitive prices. We also have the expertise to advise
and source the best laptop for your budget.
We also provide custom build services for high-end gaming and business machines.

Home Support

We provide home network assistance, network printer configuration, home installation and introductory training sessions for Windows, Mac and iPad.

Business Support

We can provide hardware repairs and network support, and callout support through reduced cost ‘bank-time’ for small businesses.

Get in touch..!

For general enquiries, quotes and prices or to find out how High Street Computers can help why not give us a call or fill out our customer enquiry form.