Customer’s Responsibility

i) Responsibility – It is your responsibility to backup all existing data, software, and programs. HSC LTD are not responsible for loss, recovery, or corruption or alteration of data, programs or loss of use of equipment that could occur from services provided by HSC LTD. You represent that your product does not contain illegal files or data.

ii) Data – Prior to any repair or upgrade service that is conducted on your machine please ensure you have backed up your data somewhere safe. Data may be lost during repairs and HSC LTD specifically note that it may not be possible to recover your data. I understand that data loss may occur, and I wish to proceed with the repair. I am entirely responsible for backing up my data, and HSC LTD are not liable for the loss of, damage to or corruption of my data. HSC LTD are also not liable for any costs incurred to recover my data.

C) Damage and Parts

i) Damage – Damage can happen for a number of reasons including corrosion, previous persons or companies that have attempted repairs or DIY repairs that were unsuccessful or have left the device/machine in a fragile state. HSC LTD will not be responsible for any damage to the product that occurs during the repair process. If damage results, HSC LTD will seek your authorisation for any further costs for completing service. If you decline authorisation, HSC LTD will reverse the carried-out service and return your product un-repaired in the damaged condition without any responsibility. If your product develops further issues or faults post repair that may or may not be linked to the repair conducted by HSC LTD then HSC LTD are not liable for any costs in resolving these issues or faults. You have the option to seek further support or repairs from HSC LTD subject to cost or to contact third parties.

D) Additional Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)
HSC LTD are not responsible for failure or damage to other parts during or after service. HSC LTD are not responsible for any declined service when seeking to claim under the warranty of the product at the manufacturer. You understand that the manufacturer’s warranty may be void by servicing the product. If service requires labour and/or parts not previously specified, HSC LTD may seek your agreement of a changed estimate. If you do not agree that HSC LTD may alter the charges, HSC LTD may return your product and you will be responsible for any fees.
HSC LTD may use parts or products that are new or in some cases used parts may also be used with the customer’s consent to resolve the issue. HSC LTD will keep the replaced part or product that is exchanged as its property unless otherwise agreed with the customer. HSC LTD may use the replaced part whichever way it chooses to do so.
If HSC LTD are not aligned with these T&Cs, it will only be responsible to you for any loss or damage that you suffer to the extent that such loss or damage was a foreseeable consequence to you, at the time you agreed to these T&Cs. Further, HSC LTD, will not be liable to you for any loss of revenue; loss of actual, loss of the use of money, loss of anticipated savings, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, or any costs of recovering, programming, or restoring any program or data stored or used with your product. The following will not apply to HSC LTD’s liability for death or injury, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, any liability which by law cannot be prohibited or limited. HSC LTD specifically states that it will be not able to repair or carry out services on your product without risk to or loss of programs or data and conserve the confidentiality of data.
If a service by HSC LTD requires information to be copied, moved, or installation of software, you represent that you hold the legal right to copy or move the information and agree to the terms of the software license, and you authorise HSC LTD to complete the service and accept such terms on your behalf in carrying out the service.