Audio Transfers


No one likes haveing to re-buy old albums, and we all know the frustration that Spotify or iTunes is missing that song on the B-side of an obscure Demis Roussos album that we loved so much. Converting your old Vinyl or Cassettes to new digital formats you can rediscover old favourites and force the kids to listen in the car.

  Cinefilm & 8mm


Somewhere in the attic, there’s a box gathering dust, In that box live some dusty old 8mm reels. Written in faded ballpoint pen, the side of the box reads “Skegness July 1970” and “Wedding Bill and Sandy 1968.” Don’t let memories fade, transfer your family history to new media to share with the next generation.

  Slides & Negatives


Boxes and boxes of old holiday snaps, tins full of slides going back a generation, treasured memories waiting and wanting to be shared. Sitting in a box gathering dust your negatives and slides are going will begin to deteriorate and worse the memories they contain are being forgotten. Digitize your old snaps for longevity, security and fun!



Most of us have an old collection of VHS tapes or Audio cassettes probably just gathering dust in the spare room or tucked away in a box in the roof. By converting to a new modern format you can relive old memories, share them with the next generation, or share with  the world online.

We have partnered with AFX for many years

Helping our customers preserve their memories, relive holidays and share the past with new generation.

Services and Pricing

Please find below the full pricing structure and available conversion services, media collection takes place from High Street Computers on Thursdays. Your media must be with us before 17:30 on Wednesday for it to be collected the following day.

In most cases your conversions will be ready for collection from High Street Computers within one week although we will always contact you once ready for collection.

 We can provide quotes for most jobs however a full quote may be requested when large quantities of media are involved.